5 Amazing Python Automation Scripts


5 Amazing Python Automation Scripts

  • We need some ready-made scripts to help us solve our daily life challenges when creating projects. This post contains 5 Python Automation Scripts that will fix these issues.
So save it, and let's get started.
  1. Photo Compressor
  2. Image Watermarker
  3. Plagiarism Checker
  4. File Encrypt and Decrypt
  5. Making URLs short

Photo Compressor

  • This will compress your photographs while maintaining the same quality.

Image Watermarker

  • This simple script will watermark any image. Text, location, and Font may all be customized.

Plagiarism Checker

  • This script compares two files for plagiarism.

File Encrypt and Decrypt

  • A small script for encrypting and decrypting any file.

Making URLs Short

  • Large URLs might be difficult to read and distribute at times. This script shortens URLs using an external API.

Final Thoughts

  • I hope you found this article useful and learned something new. Please share this article with the rest of the Pythonians.

Happy Coding...

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