5 Best Dark Themes For VS Code


5 Best Dark Themes For VS Code

  • You Should Try These amazing dark themes for VS Code (Visual Studio Code).
  1. Dracula Official
  2. One Monokai
  3. One Dark Pro
  4. Firefly Pro
  5. Andromeda

Dracula Official

  • Just a good-looking theme. What more can I say...

One Monokai

  • The best theme on the market. easy on the eyes, calm colors (A lot of green, sky blue, green). Important things are in red. Objectively perfect.

One Dark Pro

  • Visually pleasing syntax highlighting is the main attraction of this theme. However, it renders the UI unusable.

Firefly Pro

  • A pure colorful dark theme that glows in the night, inspired by fireflies. Includes 3 dark variants-  Firefly (Pro, Midnight, Bright)


  • Dark theme with a teste of the universe

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