6 Awesome Developer Tools For Mac Users


6 Awesome Developer Tools For Mac Users

  • These six lightweights, standalone apps are great additions to any developer's toolbox.
Let's take a look
  1. Postman
  2. Grapher
  3. Homebrew
  4. Etcher
  5. pgAdmin
  6. Todoist


  • Let's you create all kinds of custom web requests and manipulate response data in numerous ways.


  • Grapher is a fantastic, built-in option that lets you plot 3D graphs and render animated output to a video file.


  • Homebrew is a free, open-source software package management system that simplifies software installation.


  • Want to flash OS images to SD cards and USB drives safely and easily? Then Etcher is your choice(With a good UI).


  • pgAdmin is an administration and management tool for the PostgreSQL database. Manage everything from a single app.


  • Todoist is probably one of the cleanest checklist apps I have found that just gets the work done. Check it out!

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