Try These 7 Free APIs


Try These 7 Free APIs

Try to build something fun with this list of cool and interesting APIs.
  1. Coinbase API
  2. Hotels
  3. Data USA
  4. IPinfo
  5. Weather
  6. Google Translate
  7. Alpha Vantage

Coinbase API

  • Coinbase APIThis API makes it easy to integrate bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, and Ethereum into any application.
  • Link:


Data USA

  • Data USA allows users to explore the entire database to get public US data(e.g. population data, etc).
  • Link:


  • IPinfo gets you info about a specified IP address, such as geological info, company, and carrier name.
  • Link:


Google Translate

  • Google translate allows you to dynamically and quickly translate an arbitrary string into any supported language.
  • Link:

Alpha Vantage

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