Instagram New Chronological Mode is Rolling Out


Instagram New Chronological Mode is Rolling Out

  • Instagram is making good on the promise it made last month to bring back the chronological feed.
  • In a tweet Wednesday, Instagram head Adam Mosseri announced that the platform is rolling out some big changes to the way the core feed experience works, letting users choose between three different feeds. Two new options, Favorites and Following, sort content chronologically, while a third “home” option offers the algorithmically sorted feed we have now.
  • Mosseri says that the non-chronological home feed will feature “more and more recommendations over time,” functioning more like a discovery hub than a way to keep up on content from people you already follow. Favorites will finally let anyone who uses the app easily keep up to date on all updates from a small cluster of friends and family, though users can still find posts from everyone else they follow in the Following view.
  • The changes are “already out or going out over the next few weeks” according to Mosseri, and the company plans to roll out a finalized version of the chronological feed options in the first half of 2022. Unlike many limited tests that Facebook and Instagram experiment with regularly, expect to see these changes broadly implemented into the app’s experience.

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