Discord Now Let's You Send Up To 10 Memes At a Time


Discord Now Let's You Send Up To 10 Memes At a Time

Discord has updated its Windows and macOS desktop clients to let users add alt text for image attachments, the service has announced on Twitter. It’s a helpful accessibility feature for users that rely on screen readers and arrives alongside the ability to preview and upload up to 10 files at a time.

The alt text accessibility feature can be found by clicking the small pen icon (“Modify Attachment”) on the top right of each individual preview before sending it in a text channel. Of course, the feature relies on people making the effort to manually add alt text in order for it to be useful. But it’s better than not having the option at all.

Alt text support joins a number of other accessibility features Discord has added to its desktop apps in recent months. Other qualities of life improvements include keyboard support for drag and drop, allowing users to organize their servers and channels without needing to use a mouse, and a slider that changes the speed of its text-to-speech feature.

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