TikTok Is Testing a New Feature, TikTok Stories


TikTok Is Testing a New Feature, TikTok Stories

  • TikTok is testing a new feature, TikTok stories. it will allow public comments which can be seen by mutual friends.
  • TikTok today confirmed it’s piloting a new feature, TikTok Stories, which will allow it to explore additional ways for its community to bring its creative ideas to life.
  • The company notes the new feature will be another option, in addition to its existing storytelling tools like videos, Duets, Stitch, and LIVE — it’s not meant to replace them.
  • TikTok didn’t say how long the pilot test would run or whether it would result in a public launch. However, we understand the test has been running for several days, not weeks or months. It is available in a small handful of non-U.S. markets for the time being, with the goal of gaining insight and feedback from TikTok users.

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