Python PIP


Python PIP

  • In this topic, we will learn how to use pip to install and manage Python package.

What is pip?

  • Pip is the standard package manager for python. We can use pip to install additional package that are not available in the python standard.
  • Pip is a package manager for python package or modules.
  • pip install numpy
If we had installed pip on our system, this command would have installed the numpy library.

How to install pip?

Using pip

  • pip is a command-line program. After it's installation, a pip command is added which can be used with the command prompt.
  • Basic Syntax of pip ispip <pip arguments>

Download a Package

  • Downloading a package is very easy.
  • Open the command line interface and tell pip to download the package you want.
  • Navigate your command line to the location of Python script directory.
  • Ex: Download a package name "camelcase"

Using a Package

  • Once the package is installed, it is ready to use.
  • Import the "camelcase" package into your project.

Remove a Package

  • Use the uninstall command to remove a package.
  • Uninstall the package named "camelcase".


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