Generate a List and Tuple with User Input


Generate a List and Tuple with User Input

  • In this Python exercise, write a program that will accept a user input with numbers and generate a list and tuple with the provided input numbers.

Source code:

number_values = input("Provide a sequence of numbers separated by commas: ")

list_number_values = number_values.split(",")
tuple_number_values = tuple(list_number_values)

print(f"\nThis is a printed list of the number values: ")
print(f"\t{list_number_values} ")
print("\nThis is a printed tuple of the number values: ")
print(f"\t{tuple_number_values} ")

print("""\nAt first glance you may notice the list and tuple look the same,
but the list uses brackets and the tuple uses parenthesis.""")


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